Lucent Skincare Santa Barbara | Our Services
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Our Services


All treatments are customized for your specific skin care needs.  Skin is assessed and treated by cleansing, exfoliating, peel if needed, extractions, hydrating and clarifying, calming skin, finished with appropriate serums and creams.

We offer Hydrafacial, rejuvenating facials, acne treatments, LEP Therapy, Image peels, O2 Lift, full back, and express treatments.

Not to be confused with sugar waxing or a sugar scrub, SUGARING is a form of hair removal that uses an organic paste that grabs hold of the hair without attaching to live skin cells.  This process results in much less irritation to the skin, more hydration to the skin, and causes no chance to skin to lift or burn.  Sugaring also helps prevent ingrown hairs, as the process removes hair in the direction of hair growth.


Reflexology stimulation for the feet to provide health benefits for all body organs. Swedish massage for relaxation, enhancing body function, aiding in healing, and overall well-being & spa deep tissue for more flexibility, range of motion, and releasing chronic muscle tension body scrubs for full body exfoliation.


All facial and body hair services available.

Eyelash Exentsions

Semi-permanent individual lash bonding that adds your desired length and volume to your natural lashes OR volume lashes which offer 3-6 thinner lashes attached to one individual lash for a more volumized look, if your lashes are not naturally jet black, a lash tint is highly suggested before application. call to book lash tint appointment day(s) before application. Please do not wear eye makeup on day of appointment

Airbrush Tanning


Custom airbrush tanning leaves you golden and glowing that will last 7-10 days.  Tanning exfoliating, enhancing, and extending products are available for purchase.

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